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WB02 - WAS - 18RGB - 24V

Detailed Product Description

18W LED wall washer
IP65 waterproof outdoor use
AC 200-240V
RGB: DMX512 compatible

18W LED wall washer

Cover: Aluminium Alloy casting,with good heat dissipation
Size: 192×145×60mm
Turning angle: 0-90degree
Input voltage: DC24V, with constant current Drive

Viewing Angle: 30°/45°/60°
Waterproof: IP65
Outdoor use
Containing built-in controller, available to connect with DMX512 console.

IP65 waterproof

Color: RGB and other colors


lifespan 50,000 (5years)

No UV radiation & RF interference, no flickering

CE&ROHS approved

Instant soft start

operation temperature -40~60 degree C

Body temperature less than 53 degree C


DMX512 compatible



bars, clubs, hotels, stages, parks, plazas, commercial buildings facade, mosques, museums, art galleries, historical buildings,etc.

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